We are offering first grade Indonesian Oud as a great raw material for oud oil and oud parfume

Sell Agarwood Chips / aloeswood / oud wood / gaharu

We sell agarwood Chips (oud chips) from Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Papua and other places in indonesia.

Aquilaria malaccensis
We sell agarwood Chips from low grade to premium grade (King Super And Double KIng Super).
A. malaccensis is one Aquilaria species known to occur in Indonesia.
Our Agarwood chips contain rich resin with wonderful smell, spicy, sweet, woody smell.

Aetoxylon Agarwood
We also sell Aetoxylon agarwood. It smells a little different when compared to Aquilaria agarwood.
It is known as gaharu Buaya in Indonesia and its cheaper than Aquilaria malaccensis agarwood.

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