We are offering first grade Indonesian Oud as a great raw material for oud oil and oud parfume

Indonesian Oud - The diamond of the forest

We are Selling best grade of Oud/Agarwood/Gaharu
Here, We are able to provide first grade of Oud
Our Indonesian Oud is the best in the world
In Indonesia this oud/agarwood well known as Gaharu
Our sources are widespread in many islands from Sumatra to Papua,
from Banda Aceh (Sumatra) to Jayapura (Papua) it takes 5.7 hours by plane.

We deal with Indonesian licensed farmers and harvesters of wild
gaharu and professional cultivators of oud
who have plenty of many years behind them in this field.
Indonesian Oud will be a great raw material for the best oud oil,
the scent will be fenomenal, it could also be used directly by burning it,
some people call it “Scent from heaven”.

You're most welcome, for every single person or company
willing to deal with us to become our partner in saudi Arabia or other GCC country
We are located in Central Jakarta - Indonesia,
please come to visit Wonderful Indonesia,
doing business and enjoying the most beautiful nature..

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